To say Sunday night’s post-Jazz Fest show at the Civic Theater was epic would be a massive understatement. Scottish post-rockers Mogwai took no prisoners as they treated a packed house to a truly unforgettable evening.

Starting off the evening to a sparse crowd was Majeure, a project of A.E. Paterra, the drummer for the space rock band Zombi. The project doesn’t really resemble much of his former band. Experimental loops, bass, and ambient bliss was the music of choice that Paterra warmed up the crowd with.

Next up was Mogwai. The crowd filled in and buckled down for one hell of a roller coaster ride. Mogwai are touring in support of this year’s release Rave Tapes, their eight studio release. As expected the set was a mix of it and Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will and filled out with a few singles and tracks from Mr. Beast and Rock Action. Even though the music for the most part sounds the same, each song during the set seemed to take upon itself a life to its own. Furthering that notion and carrying it forward was achieved by the band itself not playing the same instruments all the time. What few vocals that were present throughout the set were buried into the mix and almost became an instrument themselves. The main set ended with the party anthem, “Mexican Grand Prix,” and the audience went crazy. The track that doesn’t really sound like your stereotypical Mogwai, but more along the lines of Daft Punk on steroids. After a quick break, the band came back and powered through a three song encore that ended with the gigantic tune, “Batcat.”

A friend of mine said, “That would be the soundtrack to the birth of a supernova.” As epic as that sounds, still not even close to how powerful and amazing the set was.

Heard About You Last Night
Friend of the Night
Take Me Somewhere Nice
I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead
Master Card
Travel Is Dangerous
White Noise
Ithica 27ø9
New Paths to Helicon, Pt. 1
Mexican Grand Prix

Rano Pano
How to Be a Werewolf