PHOTOS / RECAP: Modest Mouse @ The Civic Theatre, New Orleans 5.12.14

If you didn’t leave the sold out Modest Mouse show at the Civic a few weeks ago with half an ass, you weren’t rocking hard enough. To be honest, my ‘Mouse’ knowledge is pretty limited, just never really got into them past. I really only listened to The Moon & Antarctica which the night’s set had several tunes from it played. The remainder of the set spanned across the band’s entire catalog.

The Washington natives have really niched out a notch in the alt-indie scene. Formed in 1993 and taking over the scene in 1996, the band has managed to stream together an extensive catalog that was well represented that Monday night. Isaac took to the stage with his banjo and launched into “King Rat.”

Modest Mouse - The Civic - 5-12-14

At times he seemed in his own world and would rarely interface with the rest of the band, but the band was enjoying the craziness he was putting on. His audience interactions were funny but awkward, the Q and A portion of the evening only furthered the sentiment. The stage really is his hideaway and he took refuge there.

Modest Mouse - The Civic - 5-12-14

The audience took every moment to cheer and sing along, erupting in enthusiasm with the strike of a few chords. Songs that seemed to get the greatest response included “Dramamine,” “Fire it Up,” and “Black Cadillacs.” “Tiny City’s Made of Ashes” ended the main set and the crowd was drawn into a chaotic frenzy mid-way through and continues the power throughout the end of the song.

The most somber moment of the evening happened as the band started playing “Wild Packs of Family Dogs” from The Moon & Antarctica. “Spitting Venom” rounded out the mind blowing encore. The buildup was amazing and the execution was beyond precise. In the end, the audience didn’t even seem care or notice that the band didn’t even play their most famous hit, “Float On.” As a casual fan, I really was blown away by the show and can honestly say their live show far surpassed the recorded material.

King Rat
Be Brave
I Came as a Rat
Dark Center of the Universe
Shit In Your Cut
Custom Concern
Black Cadillacs
Fire It Up
Satellite Skin
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

Wild Packs of Family Dogs
Sugar Boats
3rd Planet
Spitting Venom