PHOTOS / RECAP: Little Dragon @ The Republic, New Orleans 6.10.14

The Swedish trip-hop, neo soul, electronic band Little Dragon brought their imaginative tunes and stage show to the stage of the Republic earlier this month. The full house was entertained by material chiefly from this year’s Nabuma Rubberband as well as the first three albums. Lawrence Rothman, a somewhat darker electronic band had the duties of opening and warming up the crowd. The set was quick but did the job at hand.

After a quick turnaround, Little Dragons took to a dark stage and played their slowest song of the evening, “Mirrors.” The rest of the evening was a step up in tempo, but still held true to classic soul vibes that could have been tossed out by the like of Sade. Yukimi Nagano, the bands charismatic lead singer has nothing but fun while performing on stage. If she was standing still it was only because a song had ended and she was catching her breath. The audience was fully engaged all evening and really got excited when the band ripped into “Ritual Union” and continued the enthusiasm into “Klapp Klapp.”

After a short break, the band came back for an encore which included the title track off the latest album. All in all, the mellow soul electronic sounds and vibrant visuals together paid off.

Please Turn
My Step
Pretty Girls
Shuffle a Dream
Ritual Union
Klapp Klapp
Killing Me
Cat Rider
Only One

Nabuma Rubberband