Maybe it’s just me, but B2B DJ sets seem to be all the rage right now. Sharing the tables can truly be a beautiful thing as two different mixing styles and tastes in tracks get blended into one…well…blend. DJ’s have always loved going back-2-back. Lately though it seems like more and more DJ’s have realized their full potential by adding another presence to the stage. Some seriously big name acts are even sharing the stage, most notably and ’s new B2B collab “.”

One man who seems to be embracing the “sharing is caring” mentality wholeheartedly is . He went B2B with (Feed the Noise?) at the .party() here in last month as well as the aforementioned superstars before they had named their collab. Now KTN is going on tour with for a B2B tag team aptly named . I would have liked Kill , but potato tomato.

On the surface I thought it felt like a bit of a strange collab, but seeing it live it totally makes sense. KTN has always been known for having a very diverse style releasing tracks with similar as his other labelmates, some with heavy DnB or Metal sounds, and even some funky house that sounds like produced it. Apparently this wizard of multi-genre got to talking with another wizard of the big room house, Mat Zo, and the two of them make some serious Merlin s***. Don’t take my word for it though, go see it for yourself you lazy hipster! SF was the first stop on their new international tour (that’s right they’re hitting Canada) and there are still a few dates coming up. Check out for their tour dates and check out their new collab track “Part 1”.

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