PHOTOS / RECAP: Deloreon + Until the Ribbon Breaks @ One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans 1/30/14

The IDM movement has been in full swing now for a while. Taking notes from the bigger electronic / dance acts like Moby, BT, and Paul Van Dyke to name a few, several smaller bands have been able to make a notch for themselves. One such band carving their way into the scene is Spain’s very own Delorean. The band, along with UK based Until the Ribbon Breaks, brought their unique musical interpretations to NOLA’s One Eyed Jacks to close out the month of January and I was there to catch the show.

Starting off the evening was UK based Until the Ribbon Breaks. Taking samples and mixing them to live beats, the trio created an amazing trip-hop soundscape. The audience, at that point enjoyed every beat, some even opting for “interpretive dance,” which lead singer and band creator Pete Lawrie Winfield found amusing and creative. The bands’ set was comprised mostly of their latest EP, A Taste of Silver. The band also made great use of a small projector throughout their set, flashing random images and movie clips to accentuate the messages in their songs. “Romeo” was highlighted by clips of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

The evening concluded with Spain based Delorean. They remind me of Local Natives with a dance track. The band was tight and brazen, playing their biggest hit, “Spirit” second. In many cases the occasional fan would have headed for the door after that, but everyone kept put. The set was a mixture of the band’s long career and comprised of material off nearly all their albums, Apar from last year getting equal time with 2010’s Subiza. The female vocals were all but gone aside from the occasional sample, which added an extra punch to those tracks. The band was energetic and the audience didn’t hesitate to give that energy back. Sadly they didn’t play my favorite track, but I still got a lot of great tunes and an unexpected encore to boot.

Here’s my photo gallery from the show: