PHOTOS / RECAP: Cut Copy + Classixx @ The Joy Theater, New Orleans 6.20.14

Electronic music is an ever-changing genre. For the most part the “club” was the only place you could hear beats in the past. As the genera evolved, the club mentality is now a thing of the past. Massive DJ sets have invaded the main stream and taking on their popularity, the EDM/IDM movement was born. Moby, Oakenfold, and Digweed all lent to this new explosion. In the middle of the chaos and expansion, bands like Cut Copy and Classixx have carved out huge followings, strongly because of their visuals and not so pure takes on electronic music as a whole.

Friday night’s show at the Joy Theater was a classic representation of that new mentality.

Classixx, a duo from Las Angles, took their positions on stage, between a retro converted LCD monitor that served two purposes; one, to project crazy visuals and two to serve as a host for their virtual companion. On several occasions that female vocals were present, a figure would appear on the screen and sing along. The band itself would alternate between keys and guitars, lending to a fuller music experience. The bulk of the tunes were off the band’s latest release Hanging Gardens as well as a few covers that mixed perfectly into the set.

Is This How You Feel? (The Preatures cover)
I’ll Get You
Santa Domino
Psychic City (YACHT cover)
A Stranger Love
Holding On
All You’re Waiting For


After a quick turnaround, Cut Copy took to the stage. The four piece from Australia commanded the stage all night long. The energy present mirrored the beats at hand. Each song had its own identity, achieved by an ever-changing light and projection show. As the third song “Free Your Mind” started, the projection mirrored the sentiment, the night’s anthem and the title of the band’s latest release. The rest of their set was a combination of material from it as well as songs from Bright Like Neon Love, In Ghosts Colours, and Zonoscope. The main set ended in a chaotic frenzy of lights all synched up to the track, “Lights and Motion.” After a short break, the band came back for two more tracks with even more energy and production. All in all, it was a great multi-sensory show.

We Are Explorers
Take Me Over
Free Your Mind
Where I’m Going
In Memory Capsule
So Haunted
Hearts on Fire
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Out There on the Ice
Let Me Show You Love
Meet Me In a House of Love
Lights and Music

Feel the Love
Need You Now

Cut Copy