In just under two years, We Are Massiv. has grown into one of the most well-represented lifestyle brands in the US. Championed by artists around the world, MASSIV clothing features bold, fresh design that is built on the power of a positive message. We were fortunate enough to join MASSIV when they brought some of LA’s favorite hometown kids to The Fonda Theatre last Sunday evening to dance off some of the Thanksgiving pounds.


AC Slater is a familiar face in the LA music scene, and the crowd was thrilled to have him starting this night out. His tracks are a favorite among world-class DJ’s such as Skrillex and Diplo. Both heavy and upbeat at the same time, his party-bass music was the perfect thing to wake up this sleep Sunday night crowd.


You’ve probably never had the pleasure of watching DJ Craze work his magic, and that’s a damn shame--I’ve truly never seen anything like him. A legend of turntable technique, DJ Craze is as graceful and calculated as he is physical and enthusiastic. Words absolutely fail me when trying to describe his performance, so there is a video below.

DJ CRAZE Special Guest @ The Fonda

I’ve never seen anything like it. When 12th Planet took the stage, he put his arm around his humble mentor and told the crowd that “12th Planet simply wouldn’t exist without DJ Craze”.


Josh Dadzie a.k.a. 12th Planet exploded onto the scene in 2006 and helped ignite the dubstep movement in America. Previously dominated almost exclusively by European producers, 12th Planet gave the dubstep industry an American counterpoint to the traditionally gritty UK style. Using a heightened musicality and hip-hop influences, 12th Planet and SMOG records helped dubstep spread through the US like wildfire—even featured (though not always successfully) on Top 40 tracks from artists such as Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.


12th Planet is one of my favorite producers to see live because he simply radiates positivity and charisma—it’s obvious that he is genuinely having the time of his life. His energy is infectious; his style is aggressive but still incredibly dynamic. When the choppy intro of “Right on Time” began, the crowd went wild. Being the Sunday night after Thanksgiving break, the crowd was pretty thin for a 12th Planet homecoming show. But what they lacked in stature, they made up for in spirit—these kids were ready to turn their Sunday night all the way up.

Having seen him perform several times, it’s always impressive to see just how versatile he is. His set is consistently reactive to current trends in culture and music, while always including the anthems we all love. The whole evening just felt like a huge party at 12th Planet’s house that I was fortunate enough to be invited too. Respected immensely not only by his audience, but by the entire industry, Dadzie is truly a global entity--and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. He’s a festival favorite, so as line-ups start rolling out keep your eyes open to see where you might be able to catch him!!