PHOTOS: Cee Lo @ ACL Fest 2011 (DAY TWO)

Cee Lo Green easily won the prize for “hottest band” (not literally) at this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival. Most artists did indeed bring an extra level of production to the stages at ACL Fest and the fest and audience only demands the highest of their artists, but Cee Lo brought a level of production that few would ever consider. “Let’s just build a band with hot ass chicks that wail on their instruments,” maybe the easiest way to still get visual attention at a set during the day time hours when light shows just aren’t going to cut it. Totally gank’d that play from Robert Palmer…

It was a fun set to shoot, for sure. And musically it was pretty cool, too….but really I was just super into the chick rocking the turntables (hi there, DJ Rashida!)

Read on for my full gallery from the show.