Photo by Eric Tsurumoto

I was interested to see how Arcade Fire would perform in the arena-sized venue and this being their last big show before their webcast planned during their Madison Square Garden show. But pretty soon after they took the stage a few things were rather evident. First, they seemed rested and ready to perform and tour again. Secondly, their stage set up and sound was more complicated than ever. Finally, they may have not been formed with the intention to play stadium sized crowds, but they sure have ability to.

The set shifted incredibly well between all three of their albums, along with a very well done cover version of Jay Reatard’s “Oh It’s Such a Shame”. But the night was all about The Suburbs. Being that it was the night before the album was set to drop, their new songs hit hard and surprisingly well with the crowd. But nothing hit better than their final song, “Wake Up;” it had an already singing crowd chanting louder. I have never heard a stadium so enthusiastic. Throughout the show, every song (even the new, yet to be released ones) had people singing along to the chorus.

If the Madison Square Garden webcast shows even a small glimpse of what I got to witness, then the internet is in for a treat.