Last night The Disco Biscuits began a three-night run in Denver which was originally set up as something called Bisco on the Green, but unfortunately the band couldn’t keep the outdoor thing going due to permitting issues so the Ogden Theatre got the nod to host all three nights. Our friend Christian Johansen was there to get photos from night one. The band plays tonight and tomorrow at the same venue. —Editor

The Disco Biscuits @ Ogden Theatre, Denver 9.12.14

Set I: Spectacle, HAB > GiG, Mullberry’s > Spaga (dys mid > end)

Set II: 1999 (Prince) > Air Song > Spacebird > FLOES, Spaga (Dys Completion) Morph (End)

E: Morph (dys)>Mulberry’s (end)

[Setlist via PT]