pgroove all this everythingAll This Everything starts with the sound of the album, a beautiful little ditty called Life. The theme continues on, as All This Everything, Pt. 1 begins, you can hear how much work Perpetual Groove put into this album to create a beautiful piece of music. So many jambands now are really concerned with getting a perfect live show put together, and I think that all bands need to start with solid foundations. Part of that solid foundation should be a strong album or two; songs need to be crafted skillfully to be able to present them in an improvisational setting. They’re heading to the end of an extremely strong year for them, having finished off their Speed of Surround Tour and announcing their New Year’s Eve plans to play the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA and then hopping onto the next Jam Cruise 3 (Sold out) five days later. Strong album + strong touring in support = Super-heady new jamband.

As All This Everything, Pt. 1 starts off quiet and peaceful, All This Everything, Pt. 2 comes in strong and very jammy. I love the way all the instruments sound on this album. Robert Hannon (OutKast) clearly does phenomenal work, and I love the soul sound that Perpetual Groove creates with his help.

There’s some seriously tasty arrangements on this album that would lend themselves unbelievably sweet when performed live. 53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity, Crockett and Tubbs, and Occam’s Blazer stand out as really strong songs that have seriously openings and great use of space. I’ll say it again; any jamband needs to have a solid song foundation, or they’ll become very boring very fast. Andromeda, Left to Drifting, and And Everything are just excellent songs.

This would be the next band for me that could get me to drive hours to camp in horrible weather just to see what they do next. I’m downloading like crazy from the Archive just to get my hands on this music. I want to cover Occam’s Blazer. So tasty!

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