My Morning Jacket @ Summerfest, Taste of Chicago

Yesterday (on our nation’s day of independence), I went down to the Taste of Chicago to sample some free My Morning Jacket and soak up the sun.

Once I got down there, saw the setup, and got settled, honestly, I just wasn’t that into it. It definitely was not what I wanted my first My Morning Jacket concert to be — watching a screen set up 100 feet in front of MMJ (with a crowd in between with a huge line waiting to get into that crowd). It just didn’t vibe well with me and I ended up cutting my losses and leaving a bit early. Oh well. I heard a couple lovlies — Gideon, Golden — and I’ll catch them soon enough in the proper setting.

I did see an interesting t-shirt while I was down there.

Testicle Festival?  Seriously?

Reader Mark writes in and had this to say about their Summerfest set the night before…

There is something about Jim James that makes every My Morning Jacket show enjoyable. I just watch how much he gets into the show and I have to smile. It also helps that these guys are playing really tight right now and are one of the best live bands touring right now. With that said, the show last night was great.