(on our nation’s day of independence), I went down to the Taste of Chicago to sample some free My Morning Jacket and soak up the sun.

Once I got down there, saw the setup, and got settled, honestly, I just wasn’t that into it. It definitely was not what I wanted my first concert to be — watching a screen set up 100 feet in front of MMJ ( a crowd in between a huge line waiting to get into that crowd). It just didn’t vibe well with me and I ended up cutting my losses and leaving a bit early. Oh well. I heard a couple lovlies — Gideon, Golden — and I’ll catch them soon enough in the proper setting.

I did see an interesting t-shirt while I was down there.

Testicle Festival?  Seriously?

Reader Mark writes in and had this to say about their set the night before…

There is something about that makes every show enjoyable. I just watch how much he gets into the show and I have to smile. It also helps that these guys are playing really tight right and are one of the best bands right . that said, the show last night was great.

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