Crowd @ Bisco Disco Biscuits

Thievery Corp.

Manu Chao

I’ll be honest here…

Day Two of didn’t really blow me away; instead, It was like a light breeze of the lake. Get it, because we’re right on Lake Michigan…

The crowd was a lot larger on Saturday than it was on Friday.

Hung out and listened to some and .

played an okay set and drew a decent crowd — nothing too out of the ordinary for them. It was fun, though — that’s all that matters.

I enjoyed a cheeseburger after waiting in line for a while. makes people hungry, I guess…

The were predictable and fun all at the same time. The songs from At War With the Mystics were awesome.

Thievery Corp. turned up the volume and got everyone trip-hoppin’ their way around the Petrillo Band Shell.

got the crowd rockin’ and movin’ quickly — pick it up! pick it up! — and it was quite a set to leave the night on.

I’m sure had a larger crowd but I had no interest in checking him out. Screw ; he doesn’t care about

Manu Chao

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