Live from SXSW 2007: Voxtrot @ ACL Studios [REVIEW]

On Sunday night,, and a few others got together to throw their little SXSW party with Voxtrot playing to a Tex-Mex dinner party (invite-only, although they let anyone in that actually took the cab ride there). I decided once I heard about it that I would try to make it, if only for the fact that I really wanted the opportunity to see a show in that studio and this would be my first chance (and certainly not my last).

At the show, I grabbed a bite to eat and got a few beers and just hung out solo for most of the night. My cohort actually had invitations to a bowling party that he couldn’t turn down, so I was all by my lonesome. I did befriend the people sitting around me (sorta). “What does Voxtrot sound like?” “So, you get free badges with your graduate school tuition? Very interesting.” I’m a master at small talk when I’m forced to, but I still hate that s*** with a passion. Small talk. Yuck.

At any rate, Daniel May was a nice opener and got everyone nice and relaxed while eating dinner and conversing with their friends. He plays that Willie Nelson style of blues/country and it was nice to see some some authentic Austin sounds while on the trip. Hailing from Austin but hardly countryish, Voxtrot came out around 10:30pm and played their own version of upbeat indie-pop. The lead singer leaves a little to be desired in terms of stage presence, but they did at least get the floor crowd up and moving for a large portion of the set. I guess they’re doing something right.

It sounded as described — “sorta Belle and Sebastian, sorta The Smiths” — so not necessarily my full cup of tea. It was still a fun night, though, and I’m super glad I went. More photos after the jump.

Daniel May

Voxtrot @ ACL Studios

Voxtrot @ SXSW 2007

Voxtrot / Dennis May party @ ACL Studios

More updates to come as I sort through them.