lip-syncing midgets! wild acrobatics!

Umphrey’s McGee :: December 31, 2004
Riveria Theater :: Chicago, IL

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um on nye in chicagoThis show was so exciting to get to, even more so than last year’s New Year’s Eve with Umphrey’s McGee. Alas, that was before I started getting my blog on, so I really don’t have much to say about that show other than it was awesome. But, this NYE show was going to be different. This was the pinnacle of 2004, a breakthrough year for Umphrey’s McGee, and everyone was excited to see what they would do with that.

Man, I can say that I even want to go song by song and talk about my memories. Point of my story, Umphrey’s McGee was hot all weekend and it showed. They were having a blast, and we were reaping the benefits.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more soon about that DVD soon…

By the way, check out this amazing gallery of Umphrey’s McGee on December 31, 2004umphs100). These are a some really great shots, and I fully intend to get a better digital camera to get me on my way.