High Sierra 2010: Zach Deputy

Ask anyone at High Sierra 2010 what one of their highlights would be, and you’ll likely hear a lot of people talk about Zach Deputy. The first set on Thursday he played already had half of my camp totally amped to see him another time, so I didn’t want to miss the set he had on the schedule for the Big Meadow stage the next day. His set ran heavy on the loops and good vibes and the crowd was loving every second of it.

Here’s a video someone got from the same set:

Zach Deputy Clip from High Sierra 2010 [YouTube]

Later that evening, when walking my way over to Widespread Panic, we ran into Zach Deputy playing a set at his campsite adjacent to the main stage. His entire rig, featuring a full drum rock mounted with mics, mixers and looping pedals, was atop his U-haul and the entire scene was actually pretty incredible. There were easily 100 people stopped, rocking and dancing along with the vibe. It was awesome.

Zach Deputy @ High Sierra 2010: U-haul Set [YouTube]

Some other clips:

Zach Deputy – High Sierra 2010 [YouTube]

Zach Deputy @ Top of U-Haul, High Sierra Music Festival 2010 [YouTube]