Photo by Justin Ward

After Zach Deputy’s set and some time back at camp to rally a crew together, Camp C*** Awe made their way over to Music Hall for an hour long set of gumbo jazz from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Given that I’m completely ignorant to all things wonderful about New Orleans culture and heritage (I really hope to visit that city soon), this was a welcome treat and a wonderful hour indoors to beat the heat from the sun outside. But the place filled in and brought a bit of a sweaty-down-south vibe that kept the entire music hall sweaty with exuberance. I really enjoyed it; definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me.

Note: I completely effed up on these photos and had my head up my you know where when I was shooting this. I know enough about photography to have gotten this right earlier on, but it wasn’t until Susan Weiand kindly reminded me of what I was missing that I was able to get photos I was more proud of. I hope to consider it a lesson learned. Put another way…FAIL BLOG.