High Sierra 2010: Marco Benevento Trio (and Ruby!) – “Greenpoint”

Happy birthday, @MarcoBenevento!

I thought I’d drop a quick post honoring the man responsible for my absolute “favorite moment ever” witnessed this year at High Sierra. The Marco Benevento Trio played the final day of the festival, and right off the bat we got a repeat from last year’s trio set when Marco’s daughter joined him on stage in a wonderful OMG cute! moment. This year she was a bit older and bit more bold to say the least, and she kept walking around the stage and offering snacks to Marc Friedman while everyone grabbed their cameras to try to capture the cuteness.

The best moment occurred during “Greenpoint” when Marco took an opportunity to give his daughter the attention he needed while fulfilling on his duties to play a set to a packed room and give them something to see musically. Ruby got a solo and loved every second of it.

Marco Benevento Trio - "Greenpoint" Live @ High Sierra 2010

This moment just struck that wonderful chord with me. The one that gives you chills and makes you realize that life is about these sort of moments. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I learned my roommate got a full video of the event as it went down while I was traipsing around the press area trying to get as many high-res photos of this moment that I could. What a sight…