Glide reviews Vegoose.

Dan Greenhaus ( has a great article up about the Trey Utica show and what it means and such. I enjoyed this, especially the great reminder of the trail of events that lead up to Phish’s breakup.

Another round from the Mimi Fishman Foundation Charity Auction has begun, featuring signed posters by Marky Mark? WTF. (okay, just joking about the “WTF”–they’re just trying to mix it up and not flavor everything jamband) Check out the auction here with some roundup provided by Paste and JamBase.

Damian Kulash explains OK Go’s recent bout with Sony’s crappy DRM technology, and I have to say that I think this is very well-put. I love seeing it from the musician’s side, and I’m just glad that he tends to take a very open-minded position about the actual “dollars” coming in for their music. Simply put, he understands that while he might not sell as many records, the best thing he can as a musician is to make the most music available to the general public as possible. If that means that people are going to P2P their latest CD, so be it.