Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Smell the Glove #2, Glide Magazine’s podcast, has been released. I loved STG #1. Great work, Andy!

Dave Matthews Band will make cruise cabins on their maiden Caribbean Cruise Getaway available to the general public on Monday, October 31. [DMBand.com]

Nugs.net redesigns. I think it looks pretty good. Just wait to see our site redesign, whowee! [via Best Show Ever]

Check out this review of Trey Anastasio’s new album, Shine. This, to me, is a clear divide between anyone willing to accept “hippie” music or not. He LOVES the new Trey disc but it seems it’s simply because this album sounds more poppy or something. More polished, not noodly. I don’t know, I still need to hear this before I make serious judgments on my own. [NDSM Observer]

Here’s another interview with Trey focusing on his new album, Shine. Maybe I should have tried to get an interview with Trey; that would be great to pick his ear. I need to get a copy of this, too. [The Daily Page] (thanks Larry)