Heady Links

REMINDER: Listen to Death Cab for Cutie tonight on NPR’s webcast.

Particle is taking a break and will be making a slight roster change. [Jambands.com]
The next phase will be a time of change for the band as we part ways with our longtime friend and guitarist, Charlie Hitchcock.

Trey Anastasio Shine gets a three-star review. [Rolling Stone]. (thanks Scotty B.)
On these well-groomed songs, Anastasio most closely resembles Neil Young in one of his lesser guises: a middle-aged dude with a shaky voice and gentle tune-sense playing low-affect songs whose relaxed grooves will gain momentum and complexity on the road.

Trey Anastasio will be a guest on Conan O’Brien on November 11. [The Late Night TV Page]

Watch the Songs of the Week (10/24) at INDIEBLOGHEAVEN.

Review of The Rapture and Cut Copy show from Friday [One Louder]
I dug The Rapture’s last album; it’s very weird, scary, post-punk dance music (if that makes sense) but very cool to listen to sometimes. It’s an acquired taste.