K-Dub Covers New York [Earvolution]

Also on Earvolution, they review Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans album. I guess I need to pick up a copy of this already…

Chromewaves.net reviews the My Morning Jacket show from Wednesday night in Toronto. I’m not going on Saturday night in Chicago for a good reason but I’m sure the show will rip. [chromewaves.net]

Help JamBase improve by taking part in their Feedback Loop #1. There’s a lot of good discussion going on in the comments and it’d be good for us to take part.

Blogcritics lists 10 of the Best Live Albums Ever Recorded. Honestly, I love this part of the year because then all the Top 10 Lists start making their rounds. I need to come up with my Top 10 Favorite Top 10 Lists. Patent pending, bitches! (thanks Abe)