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LA-based merrymakers joined forces to bring an eclectic night of to King King to celebrate the ’s eighth year. Featuring artists something unquantifiable and ever evolving, this night was a colorful exploration of electronic in every form. always attracts a beautiful, conscientious crowd that quickly checks their worries at the door to get lost in the groove for a night. This particular evening was a of west coast music (aka music). The evening began with and , who were both sporting that sexy psychedelic edge that radiates out of the Sunshine State.

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ignited the evening with his deep, tribal blend of and trip-hop. Featuring a huge array of different elements, his sound is complex and multi-layered. His sets are an adventure through different acoustic landscapes, creating a performance that is both stimulating and engaging. is a champion of what I think of as “the left coast sound”: deep, creeping waves of bass balanced perfectly below lush, chilled-out melodies.. If you’re new to , check out this track:


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The real of the evening were the effervescent duo of (Probiotik and 4centers). At times souring house anthems, at times glitched-out trap bangers–these Reno-natives have a uniquely uplifting style of bass music that is impossible to fit into a specific genre. This “omnigenre” duo fluctuates between many different sounds while maintaining their characteristic heavy-hitting bass. Always bringing a new, ingenious life to all different kinds of tracks, have absolutely mastered The Art of the Remix. The Turtles, , and Dr Dre—literally nothing is off limits to these creative, innovative producers. The evening featured a well-balanced mix of -shaking original tracks and a sampling of their brilliant remixes. Their set was relatively bare bones production-wise, but their talent and energy brought the entire room to life. I left the show glowing with what I can only assume was .

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takes place on February 7th-9th in Tucson, AZ featuring an unbelievable mix of musicians and artists. The sports an impressive list of large names including , (DJ set), , Love and Light, , , , and (to name a few). Gem and Jam will also provide an opportunity for music lovers to explore new artists and find their new . Some of our favorite smaller names include The and Krooked Drivers from the scene as well as and Nicoluminous from the west coast. Oh and Alex and Allison Grey will be there painting and speaking. I can’t seem to find a reason that you shouldn’t buy a ticket right and go have an enriching, inspirational weekend in the desert with a group of beautiful strangers! available here:

Molly grew up in the Pacific Northwest before attending the University of Colorado at Boulder and receiving her BFA in Filmmaking. She is currently living in LA with her best friend aka her dog. She calls herself a writer/photographer.