Last night, my better half and I attended the Foo Fighters and Weezer concert at Allstate Arena. We had fun. I had fun, and I think the crowd actually friggin’ loved it. It’s different for a fourteen year-old girl to come to one of her first concerts and see Dave Grohl swearing and yelling like a rockstar. Hopefully, it was all anybody needed to know what great music is and what it should continue to be.

Both Weezer and Foo Fighters brought out the biggest in arena rock sounds and stage presence, fresh with the “floating island” stage setup in the bottom half of the floor. Dave Grohl seemed to shout everytime the song would get close to the bridge, and he pretty much seemed to shout everytime he wanted to shout. Weezer seemed to look like very old punk rockers, sort of the indie-side to Offspring or something like that. All these things led to one very excellent rock show for any child of the 90’s.

Here are some great photos on the internets.

Foo Fighters | (Chicago)
Foo Fighters and Weezer | kit.schy (Minneapolis)