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FESTIVAL RECAP: Life is good Festival 2012

Words and Photos by Craig J. Sandor

Good Weather, good , good people, good times and all for a good cause (The 2012 raised over $1 million to help kids in need) – the 2012 Life is good Festival in Canton, MA certainly lived up to its name!

This is like no other that I have attended and I have to honestly say, it’s by far the best one I’ve been to. a crowd made up more of children than adults, it was impossible not to have a smile on your face throughout the whole weekend. This wasn’t all about though; it was about family fun and family time as well. From BMX stunt jumping, potato sack , magicians, arts & crafts plus more, the children ruled this festival. There was even for the little ones featuring acts as on the main stage to kick off each day, but the kids even had their own tent filled through the days, so their ears were full of great beats the whole time.

& Orleans Avenue @ 2012 || Photo by Craig J. Sandor

With that said, there of course was a that would keep everyone moving and grooving all weekend long. With a variety of acts as & Orleans Avenue, & The Dap Kings, , and closing out Saturday night, and Matthews & finishing up the weekend, who could leave there unsatisfied? Along with the beautiful voices of and , there was also awesome music coming from , The , as well as festival regulars . R&B singer brought some music to the main stage that kept everyone on their toes. Moreover, being introduced to acts for the first time such as , , , Orange and Traffic Controller will have me attentively keeping an ear out for them in the .

@ 2012 || Photo by Craig J. Sandor

This is a weekend that everyone should experience as far as festivals go as it was surprisingly clean (no in site), safe, very convenient to get to (via shuttle or public transportation), and there was nothing but positive and smiles to be had all around.

Written by Craig J. Sandor

Based in Denver, CO, Craig has been contributing to Live Music Blog for a few years now. He's made a strong start out of the gates and his enthusiasm always makes for a fun read. A veteran of almost 200 Grateful Dead shows and hundreds of other various concerts, Craig decided to combine his love for live music with photography to be part of the action.

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