Continuing on with our Wakarusa 2012 review…

Feeling well rested after an unexpectedly early evening, I woke up Sunday to again balmy summer weather. As many packed up camp and began to head out, I took the opportunity to take the 20 minute hike behind the main stage to the legendary waterfall. 40 or 50 patrons were already there, shampooing hair in the river and taking turns jumping off the 25 foot cliff into the natural pool below. Cheers and shouts followed the more skilled of the dives while the nervous few were encouraged by slow claps and sarcastic taunts. It was a great, relaxing way to finish things off and the festival sense of community was palpable. By the time I had arrived back at the venue, the rain was starting up again and I began to pack up camp. Severe hail rolled through with high winds mangling sun awnings and tossing un-staked tents around like they were nothing. Music was again cancelled and even more patrons, fed-up with the lousy weather, began to file out. I stayed long enough to catch Slightly Stoopid later in the evening when the festival re-opened but was confined to a hammock along the back edge with no energy left for dancing.

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Despite the sour note on which it ended, Wakarusa 2012 was an amazing experience and I am again so glad I could be a part of it. The crowd and the atmosphere on Mulberry Mountain always makes me feel at home and I will definitely be making efforts to return next year. I have to leave with a special thanks to Emily at Pipeline Productions for allowing me to photograph this fantastic event and to my fellow patrons for making me smile the whole way through. You are a beautiful, talented, crowd and I hope you don’t go changing. Waka Waka!