Del Rey at the Empty Bottle


Del Rey
Feb. 13, 2006
Empty Bottle
Chicago, IL

I’m going to skip reviewing Mice Parade, the actual headliner at Monday night’s show, for lack of words other than describing how boring they were and how easily they lost the crowd. Maybe the crowd was heavily weighted towards the hometown boys in Del Rey or just heavily weighted towards the crowd that sees free shows regardless of who’s on stage…

The Empty Bottle is a very dark and dingy Chicago club, the kind of place perfect for the darkness and choppiness that is Del Rey. The band came out and did about five songs, maybe six, and I got to stand right next to the drummer and take it all in. There were more people taking photos and being artistic than I’ve seen at any show, period.

And really, nothing’s worth reviewing here considering I don’t know song names, etc. All I know is that the opener raged (clip below)…

…and they played one of my favorites, “Dual Sun System”. (clip below)

Yes, I know the videos look horrid but they get the job done. The packed house was listening with their full attention during Del Rey, which only became that much more obvious once Mice Parade was a couple songs in.

Enjoy a couple decent photos I took here.

These are one of those post-rock bands that I’d really wish had some live improvisation. Some of their instrumentation is so dark and so amazing, I just want them to jam on it for minutes and minutes.

I know that’s wishful thinking considering the scene and the clear divide between indie and jam amongst the fans, but I see it in their ability. Here’s to catching them again, hopefully very soon, and look for their upcoming full release (no info on that one yet) in the next couple months.


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