I may as well have been in a beehive. There is so much area buzz about up-and-comers, Controlling the Famous, it was crazy. I was at their CD release show on March 8th, at The Key Club in West Hollywood. All open countertop space was covered with record labels’ swag/crap: stickers, CDs, patches, flyers, etc. Afterwards, I was to find out that Warner Bros., Capitol, Interscope, and many indies, ALL had A&R people in the audience.

CTF went on early, at around 8:30pm, their set was…

…short; just the songs off of their debut EP, Two Birds vs. One Stone and an new one, tentatively titled, “Energy”.

The sound was OK, but the kick drum drowned everything out. The band played to a clicktrack, and had some programmed sounds that helped add to the show. Overrall it was satisfying. The bad thing is that CTF’s main fan-base, are idiots. They would scream the most asanine things throughout the show. To each his own I guess.

The next day, their manager was contacted by several of the record labels that saw the show. Good luck to the band; great guys that play well.

PS-The guitarist, John, is the younger brother of the lead singer of Eve 6. What? Yeah.