On Monday night, (w/ the opening assistance of ) played the first rock concert in over a decade in The , a 1,500 capacity Beaux Arts style hall that reopened just eleven days prior to last night’s show over a decade after being severely flooded in Hurricane Katrina. Located just off the edge of the French Quarter, The is the latest downtown theater to reopen in the Big Easy, following behind the Joy (2011), Civic (2013), Saenger (2013) and Carver (2014) in a long line of freshly painted halls to rise to glory again.

The Orpheum, as the host of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, took great care dialing in the sound quality and sight lines as part of the $13 million renovation. The acoustics are as good or better than any of the mid-sized in the city and ’s mini-set / second encore (see the below) was the perfect initiation, providing listeners an idea of just how finely-tuned the new room is.
Wilco’s was built into three distinct stages. First, ran through the entirety of their latest Star Wars in workmanlike fashion, not stopping for much banter and paying close attention to the still newly-molding tunes. Next, the following fourteen songs to close the set and first encore (“Spiders (Kidsmoke)”) spanned the bands twenty-one year career and deeply eclectic catalog. Highlights from this classic segment included “I Trying to Break Your ,” the always riveting and torrential “Art of Almost,” a great sit-in by on “Airline to Heaven,” the majesty of “” and the set-closing “Late Greats”.

Following the first encore, the Wilco production team did quick work minimal light, arranging a bare-bones acoustic set-up for to play in close quarters lo-fi instrumentation and mics. The six song mini-set was for many (myself included), a special treat (especially hearing the rare tune “We’ve Been Had”), vaulting this show above the (generally great) standard Wilco fare and offering a closer, less-fuzzed-over listen to Wilco’s instrumental and vocal talents (including a nice spotlight for bassist John Stirratt on lead vocals for “It’s Just That Simple”).

After two-and-a-half hours of Wilco (and William ’s frequency-adjusting 30-minute instrumental set), got more than their money’s worth and an extra special first taste of The after returning to glory once again.

Setlist: Wilco @ The Orpheum Theater, , LA // 9.28.2015

01 – More…
02 – Random Name Generator
03 – The Joke Explained
04 – You Satellite
05 – Taste the Ceiling
06 – Pickled Ginger
07 – Where Do I Begin
08 – Cold Slope
09 – King of You
10 – Magnetized
11 – Handshake Drugs
12 –
13 – I Trying to Break Your
14 – Art of Almost
15 – Via
16 – Hummingbird
17 – Box Full of Letters
18 – Heavy Metal Drummer
19 – I’m the Man Who Loves You
20 – Jesus, Etc.
21 – Born Alone
22 –
23 – Airline to Heaven (with William )
24 – The Late Greats

25 – Spiders (Kidsmoke)

26 – Misunderstood
27 – It’s Just That Simple
28 – War On War
29 – We’ve Been Had
30 – California
31 – A Shot in the Arm

Wilco & William Tyler

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