CONCERT RECAP: Dickey Betts & Great Southern in Ridgefield, CT 1/11/13

Photos and Words by Craig Sandor

The name Dickey Betts is pretty much synonymous with The Allman Brothers Band and while he hasn’t been a member in quite some time, the man’s guitar playing and long improvisational solos prove that his sound was vital to their growth and maturity over the years as it’s been a staple one to many ears and keeps going strong. 

Being joined on stage by his son Duane on guitar (who by the way looked like a spitting image of his papa from the earlier years and also played just like him), were a range of talented musicians that make up this band. This includes Andy Aledort on guitar, Pedro Arevalo on bass, Mike Kach on keyboards and vocals along with Frankie Lombardi and James Varnado both on drums.164

We heard a great arrangement of good ol’ southern rock & roll played through the night including various covers and originals, along with of course, some classic Allman Brothers music that we’ve all known and loved over the years. The band was absolutely spot on and the crowd certainly enjoyed themselves as well. The harmonies from all three guitarists were smooth and seamless together, and of course brought that staple sound that Dickey branded with The Allman Brothers Band to everyone’s ears.