Clutch…loud, energetic, hard, thumping, pounding, raw Rock & Roll. That’s the only way I think I can describe these guys. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to cover this band, and I’m really glad I finally got the chance to. It’s also always a treat to photograph a show at the newly renovated Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY as this place has so much legendary history. They’ve hosted quite an array of shows since they reopened last year, and with their state of the art sound system along with lights and visuals combined, always makes for a great experience. 

Starting off the night strong with the hard hitting Earth Rocker, I knew the rest of this show was going to kick some serious ass. Lead singer Neil Fallon’s vocals were strong, forceful and clear as he amped up the crowd something fierce right away. Backed by Jen-Paul Gaster on drums, Dan Maines on bass and Tim Sult on guitar, this quartet rocked this room and provided a thunderous setlist of constant rock and overall energy.

While a lot of people may not directly know the band name Clutch, they probably don’t realize they’ve most likely heard there music somewhere or another. Clutch has been on the musical circuit since 1990, and their music has been featured in video games, TV shows and even Hollywood movies, so they can without a doubt be considered veterans as they do have a strong following, and know how to put on a show and bring a venue to its knees.


  • Earth Rocker
  • Unto the Breach
  • Mr. Freedom
  • Pure Rock Fury
  • Texan Book of the Dead
  • Mice and Gods
  • Subtle Hustle
  • Book, Saddle & Go
  • Burning Beard
  • Cyborg Bette
  • The Soapmakers
  • Gone Cold
  • The Mob Goes Wild
  • Struck Down
  • The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…


  • D.C. Sound Attack!
  • Spacegrass
  • Electric Worry
  • One Eye Dollar