Ladies and gentlemen, has arrived, and it began with explosive force on Thursday night with acts such as , , The , , and a ton of other mind-altering performances. Naturally, things were destined to get raunchy from the beginning. On the drive up, things were a little quiet in the car as we sat listening to a mega playlist, when all of the sudden my funk-craving friend started laughing out loud at himself and said, “I’m going to get weird this weekend.”

warrants such dedication, and when we touched down in the Han o campsite, we dutifully began our adventure. Feeling the astronomical of Tent City, we made our way right into the dirty, sweaty mess of Centeroo, where all the steamy magic happens.

The night kicked off for us with the -based quartet, , who melted the faces of an enormous The Other Tent crowd, leaving us asking for nothing more. The band wielded seamless transitions between songs, managing to cram a huge, devoted set into the conservative allotted time whilst thrashing their guitars and drum sticks around like pure-bred champions. While the whole set was a joyous demolition of restraint, the performance of “All Consolation” sent the audience into an eruptive splendor of motion, and with their quick cuts and sharp tricks, demonstrated a perfection of timing.

After a proper break, we moseyed over to check out the fresh, worldwide sensation, The . It could have easily been the biggest tent crowd in history, as fleshy bundles of joy spilled from under the tent roof and all across the lawn surrounding This Tent. And in due form, the Shakes rocked every body in the joint with their epic generation of rock and roll, christening this vian escapade with heart and soul. The silver light of the stage dawned upon the band like an ethereal revelation, and we all howled with as she wailed, “I wake up and bow to the sun.” The feeling was one of union, of a collective bliss and appreciation of where we were, at this loving experience listening to a group of freshman greats, with a plethora of delicious performances to look forward to over the weekend.

As a whole, the first day of was a huge success, as the artists came prepared to electrify the patrons, leaving everybody jump-started with a touch of static electricity running through their blood. Today, Tent City is jam-packed (or johmed), the are buzzing, the patrons are in full gear to dip deeper into this earthly heaven, and now it’s Friday, which means things will only get better.

Among the friendlies was this hairy nest of smiles, who rightfully claimed the prize for Thursday’s Gnarliest Face of the Day:

Tons more gnarly to come…