And so came the final day of , a sad day in the lives of tens of thousands when reality forces them to return. But, the stages at Centeroo prevailed, giving us an abundance of to ease us before our departure on this very cool, overcast day.

We headed to Which Stage to watch the always-awesome glory of , who did not disappoint. The frenzied crowd was quick to get into ’s performance, as the weather was just too good to sit still, and the tunes were too good to do anything but dance. ’s stage presence was hugely animated and fun, proving to the crowd that entertaining thousands is what they were meant to do.

The day was full of great action, including performances by their super abstract derangement of the senses at That Tent, carrying their timeless tunes at What Stage, an incredible set from , a seminar on this-is-how-you-f***ing-shred by , and performances by many, many others.

—Sloop John B / Wouldn't It be Nice— @ Music 2012-06-10

their second album held in a tremendous light of respect, brought their luscious act to What Stage in the early evening, brushing the huge field of ears their gentle and substantial kindnesses.

Then we found ourselves back at Which Stage in anticipation of the joyful indie rock icons, , whose performance a decade’s worth of fulfillment. Among a plethora of other flake-fashioned tunes, controlled the crowd with a passionate rendition of “Kissing the Lipless,” taking us back to their sophomore extravanganza, Chutes Too Narrow.

And then came one of the most leaders of the noodling Wookie nation, the one and only, . Among many of the traditional delicacies, the two epic sets included a few amazing tricks, as an appearance by the great singer/songwriter, , who came out to help perform “Gambler.”

And to add to the list, the second set kicked off with a of ’s “Golden Age,” and a bit later Phish stroked the -chords of the audience by performing a of the famous Tennessee standard, “Rocky Top.”

Ultimately, this year’s was a funky, loud, hot, cold, bright, dark, and hopeful mess of As we packed up our bags and prepared to make the trip homeward, we took one last indulgent look at the festivities of Centeroo and the massive, rolling waves of Tent City, and made sure to ourselves that next year we’ll be back, for each day one spends at , he’ll crave like mad another ten.

Thanks to Billy Morgan for the photos!