Bonnaroo 2006 is underway, the webcast is starting today at 12:30pm CST, and people are already writing in on the festivities.

I’m hoping to have some folks on-site provide me with some updates, so I’ll keep posting those here as I get them. Enjoy!

Update: 6/17 12pm
Justin enjoying the Tom Petty webcast from the comfort of his messy office.


Photo © topher74

Photo © Tyrannous

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Someone took a rip of the Oysterhead webcast and it’s fantastic! Go here for more links as they arise (or before the thread gets removed) and hope to find a free slot on this link for the video download.

Here’s a link for the Tom Petty video rip of the Bonnaroo webcast (more here).

From the NY Times…

Even with Radiohead as headliner, the hippie side hasn’t exactly disappeared from Bonnaroo. Visions of the 1960’s are all over the festival. Those old enough to actually remember the era are either headliners or senior staff members, but that doesn’t stop younger acts from trying to capture the vibe, as it were.