Sorry everyone for the lack of my updates over the past couple days. I’ve gotten slammed at work, but I’m finally catching up with something that everyone really deserves to read.

My better half and I went to see Beck at the Riveria on Tuesday. This doesn’t deserve a full write-up at all.

The opener, McRorie, was possible one of the funniest, opening acts that I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never actually experienced this in real life, I suggest seeing it. It was awesome/hilarious/unbelievable/confusing, everything you’d ever want an opening act to be. Here’s some more McRorie love over at Boing Boing.

Beck, however, was not as exciting. The show was RIDDLED with sound problems. Seriously, bad feedback hit the crowd at least ten times. I mean, this is bad. Beck looked like he was trying really hard. He asked someone in the crew for his harmonica, while the band is in full-rocking motion, and it took over a minute with numerous Beck glances offstage. Poor Beck. I couldn’t really figure out if it was just that his crew sucked or if he was slightly unprepared.

And for that matter, what the hell is with having a crew member hand you a different guitar after EVERY SINGLE SONG?!?! . It pains me to see Beck having a crew member hand him his guitar every time he feels like trying to switch gears on the crowd. Plus, he had a Bosstones-like dancer on stage that also decided to play percussion on some songs. Seriously, a dancer. This guy friggin’ sucked. Totally took away from the actual musical performance, which might have been Beck’s goal all along.

While a few moments of clarity existed where I felt as though Beck was playing how Beck should, the show was unbelievably disappointing for the $92 we ended up shelling out. What a rip-off. I guess I should have seen Beck when he came around with The Flaming Lips, but whatever. You win some and lose some.