Chris writes me and I’m fully pleased to see that he had an excellent time at . Read below, and check out his updated photo gallery here. His shots of 10KLF are really good. Kudos, my man. Plus, I think he got some shots of STS9 blogging or something

10,000 Lakes has to be one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. the exception of a long ass drive, everything else went off without a hitch. Great weather, kind people, beautiful campgrounds, exceptional all day and night. If anything almost too much ! We kept finding ourselves wanting to spend more time walking around the campgrounds, shopping at shakedown, or swimming in the lakes and waterfall, while trying not to miss wonderful .

A few quick musical highlights included: Orchestra playing one of the best shows I’ve ever heard them play a of their own creation. Extremely entertaining experience at . Although probably impressed me the least of anyone on stage. I do have high expectations for him knowing his music far better than everyone else in

Again, another review of a recent Trey and 70VP performance and I’m not sure if I feel the same. Yet, I do. Maybe…I don’t.

I wasn’t expecting too much from Trey with all the mixed feelings about his current , but was happily surprised with a stellar performance by his entire band. even joined Trey to close out the end of the first set with an song “Oz Is Ever Floating.”

played a very solid show Friday, never letting up on the energy. Saturday’s show however started out a little slow for the first set, but the boys came back with guns blazing for the second set – easily one of my favorite sets ever. All in all you really can’t beat for a spectacular summer experience. Oh yeah, and the little things like always having hot water in the showers, very clean bathrooms, and a friendly staff really made the difference!

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