10,000 Lakes Festival | Mini-Review

Enjoy a mini-review of 10KLF from reader David S and make sure you check out all of our 10KLF coverage so far by clicking here

After picking up the essentials, and cracking open some beers, my buddies and I headed out to see on Wednesday evening. They were astounding, it was a straight-up hoedown! To my surpise, they did a of Peggy-O() and Mad World! Great set, a lot of On the same stage afterwards, The came out. I’ve been a fan for a very long time, but this was my first time hearing them . They played some new songs, and turned a stand around w/ lyrics so we could all sing along, very Afterwards, because my buddies had met them at a previous show or two, we hung out and drank some beers them at their VIP campsite.

Thursday morning we wake up and catch @ 2:00 PM. In my honest opinion, it was the best show at 10KLF. The sun was shining, we were all stomping, they did a of Cold Rain & Snow, oooh boy was it some good bluegrass. Because our skin was peeling from the beaming sun, we got free massages from our camping neighbour Tina and headed out to see . I’ve never been a really big fan, but I did enjoy their second set a lot.

We woke up Friday, tired, hungover, sore, burnt, and excited for Phil! We saw Incident, which was fun, and rocked the crowd. Also, I stand by my statement that “Joan Osbourne is the sexiest woman alive.” I wish you all could have seen her singing and dancing. Phil played a song called “ Go Blue(?)” It’s a cover, and was superb, definitely the highlight of my night, and I made sure to look up what track it was, so I’m waiting for the tapers to up the show. Umphrey’s McGee was rocking everyone. I was really tired at this point, so I didn’t check out the whole show, but everyone was feeling it.

Wake up Saturday, can’t believe it’s Saturday, and start the drinking routine again. We checked out , he played a great show, and the crowd was really loving every bit of it. Trey’s second set was the highlight of that evening, but The Big Wu was really enjoyable to pass out to.

That’s it. We woke up early, packed up, said goodbye to our neighbours, and headed back to our homeland in . After a nice long shower, a nice long s***, and a nice long shave, I can’t wait to get back to the “real world” and start working and sleeping in my bed again. :D

Written by Justin Ward

Ad Ops Nerd. Living that San Diego life. Chicago born and raised.

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  1. The Joan Osbourne statement completely invalidates all the rest of this gentleman’s opinions of the weekend, no matter how factually accurate they may end up being. Such a statement could only have been made by an individual not of sound mind.

  2. If only you guys could have seen her. She really is something special. Maybe it was all the beer and drugs, but, she definitely was great on stage. “Sexiest” doesn’t necessarily reflect that I’d have sex w/o her before anyone else, it’s just a description for how beautifully she sang and danced on stage.

  3. I am terribly disappointed in Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their show tonight lacked energy and enthusia, and any bit of personality. What I like about Lolla is the chance to see bands that are not easily accessible and who are grateful to play in front of such a diverse crowd. Chili Peppers acted like this whole show was beneath their dignity. How disappointing. So many people came out to support them and they sounded completely uninterested and unconcerned about the crowd. I saw several bands that had way more heart than the Peppers. Thankfully, that is what Lolla is for, finding the bands who really matter…who really care about their fans.

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