Why I’m Not Going to Bonnaroo

Gross.I know everyone’s getting excited for Bonnaroo and all, but there’s something that I need to share with my live music breathren that some blogs might not ever show you…

I don’t believe I’ve ever gone into the full, full story except for something way back on my personal blog, so I’ll just give you the abbreviated version…

Bonnaroo 2004 was (without a doubt) some of the hottest weather that I’ve actually experienced. When I say experienced, I mean, we experienced it. There was no way to escape into an air conditioned environment, and it caused my half-Irish / half-Swedish skin to start turning on itself.

Technically, it was sun poisoning that hit my legs and started to get my back (through a t-shirt I was wearing the whole time), and it started to make me feel as though the sun was going to be my certain death.

View the photo above with the same restraint that you would give a horrible car crash (I don’t want you to barf on your keyboard), and just know this…we left early due to my stupid-ass forgetting to put sunblock on my legs when venturing out into the 100 degree, Tennessee-in-June sun. Don’t make that same mistake.

Update (2/1/06): Bonnaroo 2006 Lineup Announced!