Umphrey’s McGee @ The Fillmore Photos

Photo © Fresh Bread

I’ve been way behind on my blogging duties this week and hope to catch up soon enough. It probably won’t happen tonight because Lost is on — I’m in desperate need to find out one more clue to piece together the Oceanic Six wrinkle — but I also need to fix some stuff that might be little broke-ass at the moment. All part of the fun, unintended consequences of putting the blogging on hold last year.

In the meantime, I was quite enjoying the photos that Bready took of Umphrey’s McGee’s third and final night at the Fillmore while he was in San Francisco. I went to the first night and have yet to get around to posting my photos here — and again, Lost is more important to me right now — but I fully plan on showing off how much better his shots are compared to mine. I really enjoyed the photo shown above, and I really hope we can feature more of his shots in the very near future.