Umphrey’s McGee @ Central Park Summerstage | Photos




Photos © Ted Wong

Read David Fricke’s review on Rolling Stone’s Rock and Roll Daily blog. Also, read some dude’s take on the article showing plenty of blatant mistakes in the original published post.

Looks like it was a good time. has some good photos, also!

Written by Justin Ward

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  1. Fricke’s review was absolutely LITTERED with mistakes, at least five of ’em. They’ve got most, if not all, of them corrected, but I’ve never seen such a poor job of recapping a concert or event.

    Fricke is a great writer usually, and I’m genuinely glad he gives the jam scene and UM specificially some praise that is sorely lacking, but that was as horrific as it gets.

    Regardless, or irregardless as the kidzzz like to say, that UM show was fantastic. As I said the next day on my bloggy blog, they tore the imaginary roof off that place.

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