Treasure Island Music Festival is coming up this weekend in the Bay Area and this year’s lineup is something seriously amazing to behold. And amazingly, the festival is not sold out yet, which is totally bonkers to me. Get your tickets here. Look at this lineup, people!

treasure island single day lineups 2014

We’ll have a crew out covering and catching sets from most everyone they can, because unlike most other major festivals, this festival crushes your ADD fears and features no main stage overlaps, thus ensuring you get to see who you paid to see. We really, really love that. Also, Outkast. Oh, and Jungle. Wait, also Janelle Monae. Not to mention Alt-J. OH right, ALSO White Denim.

Seriously, it’s not sold out yet?

While you’re waiting to see what is going to come out of this weekend, get psyched up and get a look at our photos from last year’s festival thanks to our friend Katie Davies.