Editor’s note: Speaking of the Barr Brothers, our friend Aaron in LA has been a fan of the project since the beginning and went and caught the show the night before I did. Unfortunately the timing of our server crash coincided right with the time he had to finish the writeup, so read this just knowing that this would have made a lot more sense coming on Thursday morning. My bad. Feel free to tweet at me over @justinpward if you’re upset…

Last night’s show at the Hotel Cafe offered songs from their first and a few new tunes, most likely to appear on the sophomore album, which the band is apparently working on per an interview in the Times Standard calling it “shifty and shadowy”.

Last night’s set opened with two of the more polished songs in Beggar in the Morning and Old Mythologies then moved onto Gone, showing off the more poetic songwriting we’ve come to expect in Brad’s writing. Deacon’s Son brought Brad’s green axe into the mix showing off the rock and roll side. They played a new song Even the Darkness Has Arms which will most likely be added to the song rotation. This version sounded polished already. Towards the end of the show, during an extended jam where Brad and Sarah were trading licks, Brad quickly teased the popular riff from Smoke on the Water to the delight of a few in the audience.

Although disappointed not to hear the rocker Give the il Back My , a staple of the first album, it made sense given the small room and the mellowness of the set. That tune really shows off the versatility of their sound, going from slow>rock in a short span. are all over the World including stops in , , Amsterdam, , and Winnipeg over the Spring and Summer months. In between this project, Brad and Andrew will play as Surprise Me Mr Davis and a personal favorite, at the l on July 5th and 6th. Don’t miss them in any incarnation.

A few quick photo grabs:

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The band just released an official video for “Old Mythologies” also:

- Old Mythologies (Official Video)