capped their west coast run of shows on Saturday night at the 4,000-capacity Palladium in , CA with a dance-heavy second set. The venue wasn’t full (thankfully) so for those in attendance it was perfect — ample room which everyone seemed to be utilizing for dancing, and no bathroom lines. Some were dancing so hard they didn’t even realize the power went out for a few seconds in the first set. The end of the evening are where the highlights lie. After a of ’s “Robot Rock”, they closed with “Inspire Strikes Back” and the encore of “Circus > Moon Socket” left everyone buzzing onto Sunset Boulevard. plays , CO tonight and continues east through the month of March. Check out the full , a quick video clip, and full photo gallery from .

STS9 3.2.13, Photo by Aaron Fortin
3.2.13, Photo by Aaron Fortin

Setlist 3/2/13

I: Scheme Reprise, 2012, HHHF, buki, Looking Back on , Grizzly, ABCeess, EHM

II: MOD, Bigs, Glogli, Robot Rock, Vapors, Evasive Maneuvers, Aimlessly, Inspire Strikes Back

ENCORE: Circus > Moon Socket

Thanks to Matthew Combs for the clip!

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