On Friday night rolled through LA to play Theatre in , CA. The theatre, a venue which I recently learned was previously occupied by a strip club in the early 70’s (hence the layout making more sense to me ) is a smaller club (roughly 500 capacity) good sound and a rich history of performers. , , ( Gabriel), Zappa, , and on and on have all called it home for shows, albums — you name it.

Just after 10:30pm the smaller audience was rewarded with the distinct focus of a newer project, . and are the two most known from The but rounding out the group are new members — with this tour featuring the guitarist Chris and who used to drum for . Trying to break out of the “this is just a side-project” stigma is releasing a album Unlocked – Live from the on April 10th.

The show was a mix of , electro, and drum and bass, or as some call it untz. At times you could tell was still searching out a certain direction, yet the show did not lack on audience energy and dance moves. dipped into the Biscuits catalog playing “Digital Buddha” and “Orch Theme.” Constant chatter among is of that band’s , having just announced Mayan Holidaze for the end of the world on December 21st, not much is expected from the band in 2012. That obviously has some nervous. Could the Biscuits just play and and call it a year? It would seem that way as no festivals have included them on their lineups so far this year. Instead the focus of Brownie and Magner is on Conspirator and this will likely be the project that blossoms in the wake of an unknown for the Biscuits. What is Barber doing with all this time off one has to wonder…

Oddly Conspirator did not come out for an encore last night and when I asked why post-show he simply said “The crowd didn’t cheer for one — it isn’t ”. A candid and very truthful answer but in this day and age the encore does seem like a stamp that needs to be applied at the end of a concert.

Here are a few captures I grabbed from the show:

Conspirator’s tour continued up to Northern California for a stop in at with some damn fine opening bands in the form of Blog’s own Justin Ward as part of NVO along with DJ and . Wish I could have seen that showcase — all indications are it didn’t disappoint.

Here is the rest of Conspirator’s tour itinerary with stops at the and Festivals included :

Mar 26th 2012
Crystal Bay, NV @ The /Crown Room

Mar 31st 2012
Kerhonkson, NY @ Rock n Roll Resort v2: A Psybient Soiree

Apr 1st 2012
Kerhonkson, NY @ Rock n Roll Resort v2: A Psybient Soiree

Apr 11th 2012
Rochester, NY @ Water Street Hall

Apr 12th 2012
, MA @

Apr 13th 2012
, ME @ Port City Music Hall

Apr 14th 2012
Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street

Apr 15th 2012
Harrisburg, PA @ Abbey Bar

Apr 17th 2012
Wilmington, NC @ The Soapbox

Apr 18th 2012
, SC @ Pourhouse

Apr 19th 2012
Live Oak, FL @ Music

Apr 20th 2012
Athens, GA @

Apr 21st 2012
Asheville, NC @

Apr 22nd 2012
Richmond, VA @

Apr 25th 2012
South , VT @ Higher Ground

Apr 26th 2012
Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights

Apr 27th 2012
, PA @ Trocadero

Apr 28th 2012
, NY @ Irving Plaza

May 10th 2012
, DC @ Howard Theatre

May 11th 2012
, VA @ Jefferson Theater

May 12th 2012
Norfolk, VA @ The Norva

Jul 19th 2012
Thornville, OH @

Jul 26th 2012
Floyd, VA @ Floyd Fest

Don’t forget to cheer when the band steps off the stage this time…or no encore for you.

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