On Sunday night, I caught a fantastic show by The War on Drugs at Bowery Ballroom with Still Corners and Arc in Round opening. I was able to nab a few decent photos and — thanks to Sam of Dog Gone Blog who I hung with for most of the show — we’ve also got a couple decent videos. Check it out…

Though the audio is a bit muddy, this cut of “Your Love is Calling My Name” flowing into The Animator” is a great example of what this band does live.

The War on Drugs - "Your Love is Calling My Name," "The Animator" Bowery Ballroom 12/11/11

So at one point during the show, Sam leaned over to me and said something about how the band had recently covered the Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Grey” and maybe they’d do it again. He was clearly egging me on, so I went for it, pulling the loud/drunk asshole maneuver by making the request….and BOOM, they obliged. I always considered “Touch of Grey” to be pretty cheesy, but the War on Drugs gave it a nice little makeover and provided a really fresh take on the Grateful Dead classic:

The War on Drugs - "Touch of Grey" Bowery Ballroom 12/11/11

Overall, the show was just awesome. I love their songwriting and really dig the way these guys create layers and washes of sounds. I don’t have much else to say except, go check them out for yourselves.

12/14/11 update: Thanks to NYC Taper, we’ve now got a stellar audience recording of the full show. Read on for the full photo gallery.