On Friday evening, Nectar’s Presents delivered another amazing evening of music down at The Arch Street Tavern!

First, The Four Legged Faithful is a group of four young gents specializing in all things folk and bluegrass. Nate Pelletier, on banjo, knew exactly what he was doing. Joseph Pierog stood with an enormous grin on his face slapping his upright bass. Jon Kaplan strummed along on his beautiful mandolin Led by Matt Migliori on the guitar, the entire band had a very special and delicate touch (if you will) to the tunes they were laying down. They played until nearly 11:30 pm and the crowd enjoyed every single minute of it. I look forward to seeing this group live again. They were totally my cup of tea!

Next, the boys in Yarn took the stage rather quickly, jumping right into the show. The supporting band, while amazing, had provided the venue with a very smooth and relaxed vibe. Once these fellas really got going, all were quickly brought to their feet. Their “Americana” sound, as many describe it, was done with absolute perfection! This was the second of four New England stops: the band played Fairfield, CT on Thursday, Burlington, VT on Saturday and in Boston the night prior keeping all calm on the eve of this crazy hurricane weather bearing down on a large stretch of the eastern seaboard.

As always, well done Nectar’s! And thank you for bringing such great music to Hartford! And for all of you feeling the effects of Sandy: turn your radios on while you still have electricity and enjoy the photos below!