PHOTOS / SETLIST: Van Halen, Kool and the Gang @ Pepsi Center, Denver CO 5/24/12

Our friend Josh Lowe went and shot the Van Halen show in Denver and got some amazing shots. Read on for the full set:

“The guys in Van Halen recently postponed 31 dates so they could “recharge their batteries.” For their part, the Van Halen boys brought a hell of a rock show — Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang were all in fine form for the most part. Roth seemed to be the weaker link. At times, he seemed to be trying to compensate with antics, the occasional karate kick, James Brown spin and he even did the splits — which was pretty damn impressive, both that he’s still able to pull off that sort of move and that it didn’t tear the crotch out of his skin-tight pants. Just the same, dude managed to give a fairly decent performance, hamming it up, sporting a cheesy grin most of the show.” [Backbeat]