PHOTOS: Trey Anastasio Band @ Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, NY (1/23/13)

Nick Irving took in TAB last night at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. Anastasio and Co. will play again tonight at the same venue and LivePhish will again offer it as a PPV webcast. Here are Nick’s always impressive photos from the night.

SETLIST: TAB – 1/23/13

I: Cayman’s Review, Alive Again*, Pigtail, Magilla, Sweet & Dandy**, Land of Nod, Money Love & Change, Scabbard, Frost, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Dark and Down, Valentine

II: Sand***, Corona, Simple Twist Up Dave, Let Me Lie, Goodbye Head, O-o-h Child, Alaska, Architect, Clint Eastwood, Push On Til’ the Day

E: Flock of Words#, Heavy Things, Sultans Of Swing

*Manteca teases from Trey
**Request from a fan. “Don’t thank us, thank that guy.”