Recently, Snarky Puppy has been making their rounds and melting faces all across the land as they do it! Last evening was their second of a two-night run at The Mint in LA, and this CT-native girl was on vacation and there in person to see it all come to a close!

With excitement beaming from their eyes, the band was getting into their groove (if you will) from the moment I stepped foot in the door. If you were to ask me to described the sound I was hearing: jaw-dropping, jazzy, improvisational, funky, AWESOME. As a whole they were emitting an amazing layer of energy into the air through their instruments and as individuals they were having the best time doing it. You can tell how much fun they must have together on stage by the way they interacted with each other on stage.

Needless to say, it’s safe to speculate that everyone in the room was quite impressed with what Snarky Puppy was throwing down! Before it came to a end, there was a moment when they stopped playing and the room was silent enough to hear a pin drop. From the back of the room we all heard “HELL YEAH!!!” followed by many oohs and aahs and a very well-deserved round of applause. They wrapped things up and certainly left me wanting more. If you find yourself in the path of their tour, it is a must-see performance!