Our friend went and shot the show at in a week ago and got these amazing photos and had this to say about the show

rapped, sang, danced, and rocked at the Crystal Ball Reading Room in this past Tuesday. He played plenty of new tracks as “Explain My ” off of his most recent release, Volcanic Sunlight, but stopped halfway through “Black Stacey” from his self titled album of 2004, claiming he wanted something to dance to instead. His drummer launched into faster paced tracks and kept the intricate beats coming. A trombone player also worked the keys, a few cowbells, and a instrument which seemed to be commanding the pitch of his melodies. The opener, (, Stones Throw Records) bumped eclectic tracks back to back, as punks followed immediately by the clarinet jam from the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope. Saul’s could be similarly aggressive or alien at times, but every once in awhile he would bring it back home a sobering spoken word piece or brief conversation the crowd. He is truly a joy to see .

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